Extending Houdini’s 13 Whitewater and FLIP


I added features on top of Houdini’s 13 whitewater and FLIP sim and render workflows. Let me know what u think.

FLIP base sim:
– Normal gravity
– UV regeneration
– 2D/3D seamless surface blend ( with UV and N attributes)

Spray sim and render:
– removed divegrance from velocity field – adds large scale motion to spray
– surface tension – adds small scale characteristics
– drag force applied on the edges of spray body
– Phong specular component at render time for spray

Example of application – ehhh, I run out of time to sim and render anything better. That was already overkill as for rendering on my laptop. I wish I had a chance to test those features in production. I think there is some potential!


Project finished in Feb 2014


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