2D Fluid Solver in MXS


Ok, this time I have something different then usual. I refreshed my skills in scripting a bit.
I was always courious how grid solver works under the hood. As far as I can imagine SPH guys, grid was kind of mysterious one.

After little research I reached origins of fluid solvers that we are using in todays 3d packages. One of the first guys who put together stable fluid simulator was Jos Stam, implementing it into Maya 4.5 as Maya Fluids in 2003. Jos has published number of publications about fluid research he made, its all available on his website.

So yeah, I used his method described in this paper to implement 2D fluid solver into 3ds via MaxScript. Its not a tool or plugin, just a proof of concept.

You are welcome to download my script from ScriptSpot and play with it. See how slow it is ;P



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  1. Zhao yabing says:

    fantastic! I have been longing for something like this!!!

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