Aligner TP4 tutorial

Hello again!

Few months ago I’ve been messing around with some complex TP setup so that it mimics kind of wave going along deforming surface, but never really finished it nor showed what came out of this.
Lately I’ve finally finished the Tank project that I mentioned in previous post ( it’s being rigged with sounds right now ! ), so it’s time for something else to get busy with.

This setup let’s u align particles in the direction specified by the helpers that are within given radius from the particle. You also get adjustable influence falloff and radius visualization feature.
I’ve attached two custom scripted Operators that are required for this 3ds scene to run, scene itself and a tutorial. Actually it is my first video tutorial ever, and I must admit that it’s quite a challenge to do this right. I’ve forgot to explain few things there, and also it’s quite chaotic 😛 Hopefully someone will benefit from this one.

Here are two samples that I put together in January, just to get the idea of the effect that I’m after.


Aligner tutorial – QuickTime h.264 80MB

Aligner scene file – 3ds Max 2011 TP4 x64
CrossAlign – scripted operator for computing cross vector from two input vectors
P3toAlign – scripted operator for creating Alignment value out of three input vectors


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4 Responses to “Aligner TP4 tutorial”

  1. daniel says:

    Great tutorial and GREAT work that you did here. I like it very much. I have only one question, could you save the sample file in 3ds max 2010, if this is not to much of a trouble for you? I only have 2010. I would love to have a look on your max file for better understanding.
    Thank you

  2. admin says:

    Actually scenes from 2011 are compatible with 2010. To open this scene correctly, u need to evaluate those scripted operators, so u can put them in 3dsRoot/Scripts/Startup, or run the scripts before opening scene.

  3. daniel says:

    Ok, then I shall do it like this. Thank you very much.

  4. Alex says:

    Hello! Thank you for the tutorial and the scripts.
    Could you please explain how did you setup the sample scenes?

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