Massive crowds

Hi again,

This time I’ve been working on something much bigger then my current skills. I wanted to create an effect, where a crowd of people is doing some simple action – jogging for example. I wanted to use Massive for this, which is industry standard in producing crowd simulation in film.

First of all, I had to get familiar with PRMan. Scripting isn’t my upside, so it’s gonna be quite a challenge to master shading and lighting in Renderman. After few days of learning this amazing renderer, I already knew how powerful it is. Workflow of rendering agents from Massive is pretty tricky. I have managed to render some passes via Massive render script that is generated during simulation (beauty pass), and some other in Maya, by bringing RIB archives in my scene (occlusion and shadow passes). But still, shading agents is a totally mystery for me. It look so flat, even if I apply displacement maps. If someone have some experience in this area, please drop me a line!

I’m still workin on this one…
Here is my first try. 18MB


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