nCloth balloon – previz

Hi there,

Cloth again, this time from Maya’s nCloth system. The idea came after watching Red Baron movie, where VFX were done bo Pixomondo studio, they have done an amazing job on zeppelin being set on fire. Just see for yourself (go to Cloth subsite), and you will get the idea.

Here are first tests done on low poly spheres with constrained box as a basket. The initial setup is done, now it’s time to add some details and wrinkles in the moment of breaking the surface. Then unwrapping and texturing ( diffuse and displacement/bump for wrinkles) and some dynamics properties maps too.

The final result I would like to compose in real footage, if hopefully I will get my hands on any HD camcorder… 🙂 But let’s not spoil all the deatails.


Quicktime 1MB – test1
Quicktime 1MB – test2
Quicktime 1MB – test3

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