Cloth and Hair

Hello again,

This time some cloth, hair and mocap!

First of all, credits. Body model and textures comes from this site, and motion capture data from this one. So, what’s left for me to do?
– motion capture data cleanup
– skinning the model, based on biped system with help of great plugin HyperRigger by Paul Hormis
– cloth modeling, texturing and simulation with 3ds Cloth system
– hair – unfortunately, I didn’t manage to achieve a nice dynamics look on hair, but still, I’m quite satisfied with the results
– time remaping (slow motion) done in After Effects, to add even more coolness 😛

Here are some screenshots taken during production. After cloths were simulated, I recorded it’s movement into point cache file. On the screen below, is stage where UV’s and HSDS are applied, after that point cache were recorded once again.
Hair has some length, density, stiffness maps, for desired control.


Quicktime 10MB

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